Companies realize the world is changing so fast and consumer behavior is changing so rapidly that the only chance to keep up is to bring new ideas from the outside of the company.

Startups have become a powerful source of innovation and it’s clear that soon this will form the most important pillar of strategic development for the majority of businesses.

To leverage those opportunities and fuel growth companies collaborate with startups establishing open innovation platforms. Such innovation model is used by leading FMCG-companies: Unilever, Campbell’s, PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, Diageo, P&G, Coca-Cola.

How food and beverage companies benefit from open innovation:

  • Access hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs with great new products
  • Shorten new product development and launch cycle twice or more
  • Lower NPD investment per new launch 10+ times
  • Explore adjacent and new categories without substantial investments
  • Gain and validate new consumer insights
  • Learn from startups operations and test market
  • Look how the project gains traction and decide on further cooperation without any prior liabilities
  • No reputation risks in case of a new product failure

Collaboration with startups has become a strategic imperative, today to stay competitive companies must bring innovative ideas from the outside, effectively combining them with the internal resources of the company.

Mabius helps companies launch an open innovation platform to find and implement innovative ideas of new products. We have experience in designing and operating corporate accelerators for leading FMCG companies, including PepsiCo and NMGK.

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