All about our crab: Mabius team’s gastronomical expedition to Kamchatka

As part of the preparation to launch the new crab product King Claw on the British market this fall, Mabius director and startupper Andrey Ryvkine went to Kamchatka himself to explore natural habitat of the crabs. And at the same time, he brought back an awesome video-reel to promote


The entire week was spent in extreme conditions: river rafting, visiting active volcanoes, sleeping in tents, encountering bears, hunting, and scuba ping in aquariums for sea food delicacies. Andrey researched food business prospects for Mabius Food Startup Centre while on a trip to Kamchatka as part of a private expedition organized by Helipro, a worldwide professional heliski tour company, which works in partnership alongside Snezhnaya Dolina (Snow Valley) ski resort.

Andrey very carefully researched the lives of crab, and also talked with future suppliers.

Over the course of seven days and more than 500 kilometers on a helicopter, Andrey brought back tons of incredible photos. The expedition was led by a guide and accompanied by photographer Maksim Balakhovsky.

The expedition was the base for the King Claw promo video, which was shot by the Helipro team, and includes photos from helicopter rides over the most famous volcanoes in Kamchatka. The group reached the Kuril Islands and the most incredible island Onekotan, where the Krenitsyn volcano stands, surrounded by Koltsevaya (ring-shaped) lake.

Now the final preparations are being made for the exhibition Specialty & Fine Food Fair, where King Claw will premiere in September. The launch will include 4 types of canned products from Kamchatka crab and this amazing promo video will be shown.

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