How King Claw was received in London

The new product King Claw, made from Kamchatka crab and created specially for the British market, premiered at a professional exhibition in London. Next up is a test-market and the beginning of online sales.


Twelve thousand people visited the Specialty & Fine Food Fair, held over three days in the beginning of September. And it was exactly here where several main innovations in food have been born, with industry giants scoping out food startups and farmers. Often big food trends emerge from such interactions, for example organic smoothies or gluten-free foods.

There was a serious buzz surrounding the stand of King Claw, a new canned crab product from Russian chef and entrepreneur Andrey Ryvkine. By the third day of the exhibition, many visitors and participants (and this is a purely professional community, not just anyone from the street could come) found out that that something spectacular was being served up at the King Claw kiosk. People came back for second and third helpings of the Russian seafood, often with friends and colleagues in tow. Many had no idea what they were eating: an unknown type of lobster, an overgrown shrimp or a type of crayfish that morphed due to the harsh Kamchatka environment.

Ryvkine prepared three products for tasting, which will be launched under the King Claw brand: a thick potage soup with king crab legs, tomato pasta sauce with crab, and crab chowder. The crab claw potage was an absolute hit, as it reminds British people of their favorite meal: cottage shrimps, prawns, pressed in oil. This is a well-known concept, but it has a new and more delicate taste.

Those who sampled King Claw – from famous restaurateurs as well as buyers from some of the oldest and most famous delicatessen boutiques in London – all gave the crab high ratings. More than 20 kilograms of king crab were consumed in just 3 days. The project is immediately working with two incubators – Moscow-based Mabius and London-based Grocery Accelerator, which have received high professional ratings. Next up is presenting the product at the London festival Omnivore and starting online sales on in mid October. At the same time, negotiations are underway with distributors in England, and we hope that King Claw appears on supermarket shelves by the end of autumn.

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