Mabius chief gives interview to online school Vektor

The online urban entrepreneur school Vektor – a useful recourse for startups – published an interview with Mabius business developer Alexander Kiselev. He talked about what types of projects Mabius is looking for and what the business accelerator gives food startups.


The incubator’s strategy is to either sell its product share to a large company or receive pidend income in a few years. Alexander Kiselev talks about how to build an incubator, using Mabius as an example.

How the incubator works:


We only work with people who come to us with a finished product. We immediately throw out any applications that are only abstract ideas. It is important to us that the entrepreneur has something that we can look at, touch, and taste: it is only worth it to start negotiations in this case. In selecting projects, we also look at the team – whether they have passion in their eyes, how many pastries they've stuffed, and what their overall experience is. It is important that we trust the people we invest in, because we give money to people, not ideas. It’s the people who put these ideas into practice.

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