Accelerator ensures maximum progress of the startup, and also lays the foundation for further development of the project.

    Key goals:
    • To identify points of growth that can ensure maximum progress of the project during the Program
    • To prepare an action plan on priority growth points
    • To implement the plan
    • To form basic knowledge in the areas related to the FMCG food business (entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, production, nutritiology, product development, etc.)

Program includes studying (lectures, master classes, speeches of experts) to create basic knowledge and skills in the main areas of the FMCG business, mentoring support, individual consultations with experts to identify gaps and possible growth points, networking to exchange experiences with other startups and financing.

    Recent programs:
    • NMGK Accelerator
    • PepsiCo Lab Accelerator

Application for these programs is now closed. New programs are coming soon!
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